Wichita Kansas Police Department Swat Commander

“…The off road capability was much better than I would have anticipated. It has been a game changer for us. The 2018 year for us was the most deployments we have been on in a 12 month span. The Pit-Bull® VX gave us not only ballistic protection, but inner perimeter mini-command posts to rotate our people in to for cooling off, warming up and intel debriefs. Game Changing…”

Jackson Walker

Alpine Loyal Client

"Alpine Armoring is the only Armoring Company that I trust to protect me and my family. A true, personal, custom experience with the finest in the world."                                     

Satisfied Client

Armored Trucks

"I first want to sincerely thank you and extend my deepest appreciation to you on a job well done with the two armored vehicles. I am extremely pleased with the vehicles and they seem to be in great working condition. As stated it we look forward to working with your company on future projects. You have worked with me throughout this project from start to finish and seeing it to completion. I want to thank you sincerely; we now have two vehicles in our possession we have examined them we went through them we drive them and we are extremely pleased with them both Thank you and your company for a great job and a great product."

Dante Reeves

New Armored Cadillac Escalade

"Purchased a Cadillac Escalade ESV from Alpine Armoring with some added accessories. Great quality and service. One of the best in the business. Will buy again."