What Makes An Armored Vehicle More Secure Than Other Cars?
Armored vehicles are a necessity when it comes to transporting VIP or valuable goods in certain situations and regions. But what actually makes them so different and so much more secure than other forms of transportation?

If you're interested in obtaining an armored BMW, Mercedes-Benz sedan, armored SUV, or armored van, here's what you need to know about the protection you'll receive.

They're retrofitted with ballistic protected bulletproof glass

Armored cars are more secure thanks to the use of bulletproof glass, otherwise known as ballistic transparent material. This material is typically constructed by adding both polycarbonate material and special glass in a uniquely manufactured process. This process utilizes cutting-edge technology for near perfect optical viewing when the transparent material can sometimes be as thick as 75 mm while allowing the driver to operate the vehicle without threatening the well being or safety of those inside. Even if the opaque body of the vehicle is armored and resistant to different bullets, there is still the risk of projectiles impacting through the three-inch-thick windows. The Beast, which is the armored sedan made for POTUS, is made with armor up to five inches thick.

They're much heavier

Depending on what protection level your vehicle has been retrofitted for and how comprehensively or certifiably it was armored, its final weight could be 800 to 2,000 pounds heavier than the standard unarmored version.

In order to support this added weight, armored cars typically have the most powerful engine available for the model used, with retrofitted heavy duty suspension system and brakes. It is also recommended to sue highest payload tires, when available. For a list of recommended list of what makes and model vehicles are best suited to be armored and to what level, contact Alpine Armoring Inc.

They're built to ram through things

Most people have noticed that bulletproof vans and trucks, particularly the CIT armored vehicles are often equipped with heavy duty bull bar and bulky bumpers. This is intended to allows the armored vehicle to remove barricades on the road and pass through most barriers that block its path. This is essential should one’s armored vehicle get trapped and lives are at stake. Personal protection type armored cars and sedans often have reinforced bumpers in a low profile manner unnoticed to layman eyes.  And, of course, they usually have a few more bells and whistles that enable their armored sedans and SUVs to withstand greater threats. Your average car would not likely survive the impact of passing through a barricade that an armored sedan or SUVs would.

The drivers are highly trained

Special training to operate and maneuver an armored vehicle is strongly recommended.  Not just anyone can drive an armored BMW or bulletproof truck, at least not when they're carrying a VIP or  important cargo. In many of such instances, especially when dignitaries, VIPs and presidential personnel, the driver of the armored car is expected to stay with the vehicle at all times until they complete the mission arriving at their destination.

Armored cars are unique, especially when they're used within specific industries and usage. However, there are certain standard automobiles that can be outfitted with different level or armor for everyday use that are referred to as personal protection type armored vehicles. When you want to invest in an armored car, contact Alpine Armoring Inc.