Alpine Armoring® featured in Car and Driver Magazine
Are Armored Vehicles Like President Trump's 'Hermetically Sealed'?

When President Trump took his Sunday afternoon SUV tour of the Walter Reed neighborhood streetscape, the word "hermetically" suddenly began popping up everywhere. As in, it would appear to be a bad thing to subject non-COVID-19-infected people (say, Secret Service agents) to be riding in a hermetically sealed vehicle with someone who is COVID-positive (Trump). But are armored SUVs actually any more airtight than a standard model off the lot?

Last spring we went to Alpine Armoring to test a Pit-Bull VX, which is the sort of vehicle favored by wealthy preppers with a flair for ostentation (also, police departments). But we also saw what goes into their stealthy but stock-looking cars and SUVs. Usually, the goal is to avoid clues that a vehicle is armored at all. Before we showed up, for instance, they'd just shipped out a bulletproof Toyota Camry.

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