The Alpine Armoring AMG Armored Mercedes-Benz G63 SUV
When an ordinary armored vehicle just won't do, you want the best armored SUV possible. But with so many options available how do you know which bulletproof SUV you should choose? Look no further than the Alpine Armoring armored AMG Mercedes-Benz G63. This one-of-a-kind armored SUV is the the top option for anyone looking for a luxury SUV with the highest level of security, luxury interior and performance that is second-to-none. Read on to learn what makes the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG an excellent choice for anyone looking for an armored SUV for sale.

Uniting Protection with Luxury

Every Mercedes-Benz vehicle made is a state-of-the-art automobile known for its undeniable style and seamless power. The AMG option begins with everything you expect from a high-end luxury vehicle and takes it to another level in every way.

Unlike a typical sedan, the AMG Mercedes-Benz G63 includes the additional space and all of the practicality offered by an SUV. Add Alpine Armoring’s unparalleled armoring technology with the luxury of an AMG Mercedes-Benz vehicle and you’re ready to go anywhere in complete safety and unparalleled style.

AMG Performance

The standard Mercedes-Benz G63 comes equipped with a 4.0L V8 biturbo that creates 416 horsepower. The AMG version of this exceptional engine is 577 horsepower. And with more than 627 lb-ft of torque (compared to the standard engines 450 lb-ft of torque) there is almost no loss of performance from the extensive armoring process. All the glass in this vehicle has been replaced with Alpine Armoring’s certified ballistic glass, and the standard sheet metal of the passenger area has been augmented with certified ballistic steel. Not only does this SUV have the power to get you anywhere, it can do so with the added security that no other car can.

For those who are looking for true sports car performance there’s nothing in the world like an AMG. With substantially more engine power, increased stability, track inspired handling and massive brakes there’s nothing closer to a race car than an AMG Mercedes-Benz. From this starting point Alpine Armoring can confidently add all of the bullet-proof steel and glass and know that the AMG G63 will still deliver the kind of high performance experience an AMG customer demands. An Armored SUV will always be heavier than a standard SUV, but in the Alpine Armoring AMG G63 it’s almost impossible to feel the difference from the driver’s seat.

Beneath the engine and extending to the rear of the vehicle is additional armor to protect the passenger area from explosives and keeping the fuel tanks from being vulnerable.

Powerful Protection

Unlike typical automotive glass, an Alpine Armoring vehicle includes certified ballistic glass. This bullet-proof upgrade comes in many levels of protection, but the most popular is Alpine's A9/B6+ glass because it provides a very high level of protection while keeping the overall weight added to a minimum.

In addition to the certified ballistic glass, every Alpine Armoring vehicle includes overlap protection. This extra layer of protection fills the gap between the bullet-proof glass and the certified ballistic steel to make sure the passenger compartment maintains the highest level of protection possible.

Amazing Add-Ons

If the standard AMG model is not quite enough to meet your needs, the Alpine Armoring AMG G63 has several add-on features available to choose from. To enhance safety Alpine Armoring can add LED strobe lights and a high intensity siren for customers who need to clear the road ahead. A battery interruption switch can be added to let you long-term store your armored SUV with confidence that the battery will be ready when you are. Special run-flat inserts, exhaust protection and armored engine components ensure your SUV will work even in the most extreme situations. And with custom made window motors installed you will be able to lower your window to present documents or identification at checkpoints in complete safety.

Available today - only at Alpine Armoring

By the end of 2019, there were several hundred thousand armored and bulletproof vehicles on the road worldwide. Precious few of them looked, performed or protected like the Alpine Armoring AMG Mercedes-Benz G63 SUV. For anyone needing an armored SUV that crushes 2019's standards, performs like a race car, delivers unmatched luxury and features attention to every detail the 2020 Alpine Armoring Mercedes Benz G63 AMG is exactly what you're looking for.

For more information on this model, along with the many additional armored vehicles they offer, contact Alpine Armoring today.