What You Should Know About Armored Cars
An armored car has a reinforced structure to offer protection to the user in case of an attack. Most armored vehicles for sale are installed with bulletproof glass and ballistic steel. Unlike popular belief armored vehicles are not limited to military tanks, SWAT trucks or Police cars. Over the last 20 years they have gone on to include everyday Sedans and SUVs seen on the road.

These armored vehicles are often used to protect world leaders, celebrities, or political figures owing to their ability to blend in among the regular cars. A great example of an armored vehicle would be the armored Cadillac limousine, called “The Beast,” used by President Obama and now President Trump which reportedly has a five-inch thick plate of armor among other reinforcements. Businesses and governmental law enforcement agencies are also known to use armored vehicles to protect not only themselves but their property as well.

However, with the wide variety of armored vehicles now available in the market more and more civilians are looking into the option of personal protection leading to the increase in the Armored Transportation Services sector by 2.8% in the last five years. And because it can cost upwards of $ 100,000 to convert a car into an armored vehicle, many people prefer to purchase a new one.

The conversion of an armored vehicle includes the addition of a wide range of components based on the level of protection and specification required by the user. The two main and standard steps include replacing all the glass with NIJ tested multi-layered ballistic glass and reinforcing all opaque material surrounding the vehicle with hardened ballistic steel. Some of the other common additions include fuel tank and battery protection, smoke screens, run-flat tires, and an intercom (to help you communicate with people outside of the car). You can even dispense road tacks or have the inside of the vehicle sealed to protect against poisonous gas or tear gas.

Owing to all the above additions an armored vehicle is much heavier than its regular counterpart. Because of the added size and weight, the engine, brakes, and shock absorbers are often upgraded to compensate for this. With everyday developments in the methods and materials used for armoring cars the goal is to increase the level of protection offered while keeping the size and weight of the vehicle in check. Driving an armored car can feel different and be more difficult for some. Some drivers find that specialized training in tactical driving not only helps them to handle the car better, but it also prepares them in the event they would need to get away from someone or something.

With nearly 4,000,000 crimes occurring in the United States each year, people are looking for new ways to protect themselves and their loved ones. Finding armored vehicles for sale seems to be one way they can do that.