Armored Vehicles: 3 Steps to Help You Find the Right One
The market-demand for armored cars among politicians, business owners, military personnel, and even sports players has steadily been increasing over the years. In fact, over the last five years, the Armored Transportation Services industry has grown by 2.8%. But finding a reliable armored SUV for sale takes some research and plenty of patience. Below are the steps to follow in order to identify and purchase the armored vehicle that best fits your requirements.

Consider your protection needs: Armored vehicles available on the market generally range between protection levels A4/B4 - A11/B7.  These level are partly based on the thickness of the ballistic glass, the make of the ballistic steel applied to retrofit a vehicle into an armored vehicle. The first task at hand is to identify the purpose of your need for an armored car, bet it a SUV or a sedan, which will help you determine the level of protection that would best suit your needs. You need to thoughtfully assess your security needs and determine what kind of weapons and rounds you are expecting to have protection against in order to choose the right armored vehicle. Alpine Armoring has a dedicated team of highly trained technical team and experienced sales associates certified to assist you with identifying the right protection level and make to customize the right armored SUV or sedan to meet your specific needs.

Set a budget: After identifying the protection level required, you can set a budget in place. Due to the extra ballistic rated materials that are added to the vehicle during the manufacturing of an armored car, it not only adds weight to the vehicle, but also additional cost as compared to regular vehicles. The cost could easily doubles or triples the actual price of a car.  With that in mind, it's essential to finalize a budget before deciding on the type of vehicle and additional customization s one may have in mind. Our sales consultants will gladly help you find the optimal package and price range for the right armored SUVs or armored sedans for you.

Set up an appointment to test drive a similar or exact vehicle:  Alpine Armoring often keeps ample supply of stock and ready to deliver new and nearly new armored SUVs and sedans that one can consider either to purchase or to compare for their own purposes to see what other make or model vehicle they like to purchase and have it armored.

Find a reliable seller: You can't go to just any car dealership and expect to find SWAT vehicles for sale. You should look into local armored vehicle dealers to determine which one is right for you. The seller you choose should have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, offer the levels of protection you're looking for, and have references you can look into. Finding the right seller will help you feel comfortable and confident in your purchase.

Buying an armored vehicle is usually not a quick process because of the importance of finding the right vehicle. So follow these few steps and make sure you contact Alpine Armoring. We'll help you find an armored car you can rely on for the protection you need.