3 Reasons to Use an Armored Vehicle
The concept of using an armored vehicle is foreign to majority of the public worldwide and is limited to seeing them either in movies or on the news. That being said, armored vehicles aren't quite as rare as we'd think. In fact, there were an estimated 100,000 armored vehicles on the road worldwide as of 2018. But why exactly would a person find the need to use a bulletproof vehicle?

In today's post, we will discuss three reasons many citizens may find comfort in the idea of driving an armored SUV or a bulletproof van.

1. When should you consider using a Vehicle with Armor?
When you are transporting valuables: Remember the last bank heist film you watched where you may have observed a standoff involving an armored vehicle? You may be surprised to know that these bulletproof SUVs or armored vans or trucks are regularly used outside of Hollywood, too. Often, banks and jewelry companies will utilize these vehicles, better known as Cash In Transit vehicles (CIT) to ensure the secure transportation of cash and valuables. Armored vehicles are used to ensure the safety of the occupants in addition to the goods being transported. This is made sure of as they are equipped with both armored transparent and armored opaque areas against certain rounds with reinforcement of shells, and material that can withstand extreme temperatures. These armored vehicles can therefore protect against robberies, hijackings, and other threats of violence.

2. Protection for Government Officials: Politicians and high level government officials will often rely on armored cars to ensure their safety on the go. Rentals and leasing of armored sedans & SUVs is not uncommon especially around events involving dignitaries and diplomats from around the world. Because the lives of diplomats, government officials, and other VIPs need to be protected at all costs, it's no wonder that armored vehicles are the most preferred means of their transportation..

3. High Profile Individuals & Citizens from conflict zones: People, apart from those belonging to the diplomatic community or those who aren't high up in the government, may also consider the need to explore the types of civilian armored vehicles that might be available for sale in the market. If you are currently residing in a conflict zone or are a journalist who often reports the news in dangerous situations, you may find that traveling in an SUV with armor protection, particularly at higher protection level; A9/B6 to protect against 7.62 x 39, 5.56 x45 and 7.52 x 51 rounds can provide plenty of protection. Some high-profile celebrities or even highly successful entrepreneurs have considered renting or buying an armored sedan or armored SUV to ensure their personal safety, particularly during times of unrest or if they've received some sort of threat. An ordinary person might choose to invest in an armored car if they feel their own safety (or that of their family) is in some way compromised and they are unable to obtain protection through law enforcement, as well.

It is evident from the above information that there are several non-military and non-law enforcement situations that might require the use of an armored vehicle. And because these types of cars and SUVs are becoming more prevalent, it's never been a better time to consider this option. For more information, please contact us today.