SWAT VAN - Pointer® Based on Ford Transit

This armored stock vehicle is available for immediate delivery
Armored SWAT Van | Ford Transit Pointer® | Alpine Armoring® USA
About Alpine's SWAT VAN - Pointer® Based on Ford Transit

Alpine’s armored Ford Transit 350 is built using latest technology to provide clients with highest levels of protection. Typically armored to Level A9/B6+, this bulletproof Ford Transit is protected against 7.62mm lead core, 5.56x45 and M80 ball rounds, as well as 2 DM51 hand grenades. This armored Tran sit will ensure that you stay safe in potentially life-threatening situations. The bulletproof Ford Transit features multi-layered ballistic glass, multi-siren systems, Front strobe lights and more. 

  • Higher-protection level up to A11-B7
  • All terrain tires with run-flats
  • Bench seats lift-up with privacy curtain
  • 3 separate cameras with 360 degree viewing
  • Front roof hatch Gun turret -optional-
  • Rear swing door with extra wide opening
  • Total bench seating for 12-14 crew members
  • Red blue strobe lights on all 4 sides
  • Center and upper light console switches
  • Mesh screen protection on all transparent areas
  • 360 degree rotating roof mounted gun turret
  • Power winch with up to 20,000 lb. of towing
  • Textured exterior paint with high durability
  • Blast Seats 4-point harness
  • Individual Lockable gun high power rifles racks
  • Thermal image camera with monitor
  • Hydraulic Sniper Platform
  • Modular control unit and light control console
Armored SWAT Van | Ford Transit Pointer® | Alpine Armoring® USA
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