Alpine Armoring Inc. Cars & Trucks
  • Transparent ARMOR
    The ballistic transparent material (glass), both for flat or curved applications, used in completing the armoring process of any of Alpine's armored vehicles, has the highest optical quality available with zero degree of obliquity with no spall. The thickness often varies from 18 mm (our lowest protection level, A2) to 72 mm (the highest level, A10). We also offer ballistic glass with the tint manufactured into the glass at different rates, colors and darkness, suited for those requiring extra privacy.
  • Opaque ARMOR

    The opaque construction of Alpine's armored vehicles is comprised of either ballistic steel and/or various composite materials. The composites are comprised of Aramids, Polyethylene (Dyneema), Ceramic Fiberglass (Aluminum Carbide, Silicon Carbide or Baron Carbide), which can be specially applied on our VIP designed sedans and SUVs. Our ballistic steel (ranging from 3 mm to 12 mm in thickness) will generally have an average Brinell rating between 477 and 534.

Our Approach

Alpine Armoring applies our unique EEE System in manufacturing our armored vehicles. That is Engineering, Experience, and Emphasis on details. ENGINEERING is constantly evolving and is a never-ending research and development process to reach the optimum level of confidence for any given vehicle and environment.

The ultimate goal would be a light armored vehicle with the highest protection possible while still having an affordable price. EXPERIENCE involves our trained craftsmen and technicians who utilize the right equipment to produce an armored vehicle that will withstand many years of reliable service. At Alpine Armoring, EMPHASIS is placed on even the smallest details, however insignificant they may appear to the average person.

Our client’s safety is not something we take for granted. We constantly strive to create the most efficient design possible for our armored vehicles, taking into consideration all of the relevant variables.

Alpine Armoring is proud to have maintained a perfect record in the manufacturing of armored vehicles for its clients across the world for the past 17 years. Not one incident of penetration has ever occurred on any of the vehicles we’ve manufactured.