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Make: Ford
Model: F-550
Curb Weight: 6,524 lb/2,959 kg
Seating: 2 + 2 + Vault
Engine: 6.8L V10 Gasoline
Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic
Power: 362 hp @ 4,750 rpm
Tire: 225/70R19 (run-flat inserts)
Height: 95 in. (212 cm)
Length: 282 in. (550 cm)
Width: 88 in. (201 cm)
Wheelbase: 164 in. (350 cm)
Final Weight: 16,600 lb (7,530 kg)

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Click on the links below to view sample videos of the armoring process and the testing of ballistic glass, steel & patented composite material uniquely retrofitted on various vehicles that are armored by Alpine Armoring Inc.


ARMORING SPECS... Protection Levels A3(B4) - A9(B6+)

  • All opaque material surrounding passenger area is replaced with hardened ballistic steel
  • Protection against lower-power handguns up to high power rifles including 7.62 rounds
  • Roof (at an angle) & floor (anti-mine protection including DM51 grenade/fragmentation)
  • All original glass removed and replaced with NIJ tested multi-layered ballistic glass
  • Additional areas of armoring are fuel tank, battery and computer module
  • P.A./multi-siren system and LED strobe lights, per customer's request
  • An optional vision enhancement system installed (camera/monitor)
  • Reinforced door hinges to support additional weight of the armor
  • Additional hardened ballistic steel plating for the undercarriage
  • A complete set of six (6) high-grade Run-Flat inserts installed
  • Gunports are installed on selected doors and/or windows
  • Patented designed armoring for firewall & wheel wells
  • All door and window openings are overlapped
  • Customization per customer's specifications
  • Optional customization for the interior
  • Customized tailpipe protection